Root Canal Treatment

Restore Your Oral Health With a Root Canal

root canal treatmentRoot canal therapy, contrary to popular belief, is a restorative dental treatment option for patients who are suffering from a decayed or infected tooth. Rather than extracting the damaged tooth altogether, a root canal offers patients the option to save the healthy portion instead.

When performed by a qualified professional like board-certified dentist Dr. Gerardo L. Beauchamp, a root canal can help to alleviate any pain and discomfort that you may be experiencing.

The Root of the Problem

Prior to the introduction of the root canal procedure, the primary form of treatment for infected or decay teeth was simply extraction. However, losing teeth can negatively affect the health of the remaining teeth and gums, which can lead to further oral health care issue. Instead, a root canal treatment ensures that patients can successfully remove the damaged tissue and tooth portion without having to lose the tooth completely. If left untreated, the infection area could form an abscess or further affect the root, which could lead to additional problems.

That’s why it is important to talk to your dentist immediately at the first sign of a cavity!

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An Introduction to Root Canal Treatment

At the center of your teeth is a nerve – commonly known as the pulp. This pulp contains nerve canals that lead to the root of your tooth. When a cavity has formed and gone untreated, it may cause an infection to develop that will ultimately reach the pulp of your tooth. This can cause pain and sensitivity in the mouth, as many nerves, blood vessels, and vital tissues are located in this delicate area.

The procedure itself, also know as a pulpectomy, is fairly simply and steps can be taken to ensure the treatment is virtually painless. The dentist will drill into the tooth to remove the damaged pulp. Once eliminate, the tooth is disinfected and the missing portion is filled. From there, you can take additional steps to maintain a healthy mouth, such as keeping up with regular teeth cleanings and staying away from harmful habits. The following video can help provide a visual understanding of the procedure.

Live Pain-Free and Smile More!

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