Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

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Plasma Rich in Growth FactorsPRGF, or Plasma Rich in Growth Factors, is an exciting new biotechnology bone grafting procedure that utilizes plasma found in a patient’s own blood to boost growth factors that promote the formation of bone and tissues. When combined with the grafting material, it helps to enhance the results and allows the bone graft to be better accepted by the body.

How Does PRGF Work?

Human blood is comprised of red blood cells (which carry oxygen to the body), white blood cells (which fight infections), and plasma (the liquid portion of the blood). Plasma is chock-full of proteins that contain growth factors.

If your blood were chicken noodle soup, the plasma would be the broth, full of the beneficial juices and seasonings that are essential to flavor the soup.

The growth factors within the blood are rich in plasma (thus PRGF), which boost healing. They are removed and separated from the rest of the blood and then infused to the bone biomaterials for the graft. The uses of the patient’s own plasma helps the graft to be more readily accepted by the body. Additionally, the growth factors promote the growth of bone and tissue, which helps the graft fuse to the existing tissue.

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A bone graft is a delicate procedure and should only be performed by a qualified professional such as Gerardo L. Beauchamp DDS of Beauchamp Dental. Together with his expert team, they work closely with each client to understand their unique dental needs in order to curate an oral plan for them.

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