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Periodontal Consultation

Whenever necessary, a periodontal consultation will be requested when your gums ondition warrants special attention. Dr. Beauchamp will discuss with you the surgical treatment of periodontal disease. This consultation is typically done during Phase 1, especially after a Deep Cleaning procedure. If your condition did not respond as expected during the non-surgical phase, it is important to clarify our treatment goals with you, identify the factors which contribute to the lack of improvement and plot the direction of your future gums therapy. Periodontal disease is the number one cause of early tooth loss in adults; and controlling it is at the heart of your oral health. Oftentimes, Phase 2 treatment will depend on the success of Phase 1, particularly as we correct your gums issues.

Understanding The Value of a Periodontal Consultation

When you have a periodontal consultation, your dentist will perform a detailed examination of your gums and bones. If you do not practice good hygiene, if your teeth are crooked, or other problems exist, they will affect the gums and bones right along with your teeth. In many cases, tooth loss can be prevented when these issues are addressed.  Today, a number of people go for a routine periodontal consultation in order to ensure they have their natural teeth for as long as possible.

Even though periodontics actually originated in ancient Egypt, it was not introduced in the United States until the early 1900’s.  In fact, a physician, Dr. Grace Roger Spalding was the first person to begin using some forms of periodontics in his practice. Finally, in 1914, he joined with Gillette Hayden and founded what ultimately became known as the American Academy of Peridontology.

The Advantages of Having a Periodontal Consultation

  • Detect bone and gum erosion early
  • Uncover bite and chewing patterns that erode bones
  • Detect bone and tissue cancers
  • Address any gum and mouth bone diseases that may exist

It is very important to realize that brushing and flossing may not be enough to ensure that your gums and underlying teeth remain strong enough to cope with all the pressures associated with biting and chewing.  For example, if you smoke, are diabetic, or have other health conditions, all of these issues may create a situation where the gums and bones require extra care. A periodontal consultation can help you find out about these problems and solve them before they lead to tooth loss.

Problems Associated With a Bad Periodontal Consultation

Unfortunately, if you do not choose a reputable specialist, you may find that your condition is mis-diagnosed, or worse yet, not detected altogether.  Since many elements of periodontics rely on xray interpretations, you should always make sure that you choose a dentist that has a good reputation for reading these exams and taking appropriate action. If you do not take this step you may wind up with:

  • Serious infections from procedures that you did not need to begin with.
  • Damage to teeth, gum, and bones caused by carrying out procedures the wrong way.
  • Long term pain or numbness from nerve damage.
  • Loss of ability to chew, talk, and swallow.
  • A fairly large amount of money spent on procedures that will not persevere your teeth in the long run.

As with so many other things, when you go to a professional that has a good reputation, you can rest assured that you will receive quality service and procedures. When it comes to periodontal disease, you will need to find the best dentist in order to avoid a large number of problems. At the very least, if you go for a periodontal consultation and feel a twinge of skepticism, you can always look for a second opinion from a higher quality dentist before making a decision about procedures to have done.