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Doral Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the dental science of straightening crooked or misaligned teeth to create beautiful smiles! In traditional braces, brackets are placed onto your teeth and wires move them to the desired position. A modern technique called Invisalign® uses “invisible aligners” to create tooth movement. The average treatment time is about 18 months depending on your condition and age. The best time to start treatment is after all the adult teeth have come into the mouth, at about age 11 to 13.

An Orthodontic Consultation with Dr. Ciro A Sotomayor, our certified Invisalign® provider, will be requested on all children and adults desiring braces or Invisalign®. Dr. Sotomayor will assist you in determining the readiness, need and feasibility to have orthodontic treatment.
View the video below demonstrating the different types of braces used by Dr. Sotomayor, including Invisalign®. or simply schedule an appointment with us to get you started on that great smile.

Is Orthodontics Just a Matter of Appearance?

As you may be aware, orthodontics is a dental process that re-aligns your teeth so that they are straight. Typically, some teeth are removed if they are overcrowded, and then braces and retainers are used to gently pull teeth into a straight alignment. While this is often considered a cosmetic procedure, many people choose to have orthodontics consultations so that they can ovoid uneven tooth wear and other bite disorders that occur when teeth are not aligned properly.

Even though braces have been used in various cultures for over 2000 years, modern forms were not refined until 1901 by Dr. Edward Angle.  Aside from creating braces, he also created a classification of dental misalignments in order to make it easier to create a uniform treatment plan for orthodontics consultations.

The Main Advantages of Getting Braces

  • Properly aligned teeth are easy to floss and brush, thus preserving both dental hygiene and gum health
  • Crooked teeth can be a source of constant embarrassment and create negative interactions with peers
  • Braces act in a gentle way to re-align teeth. Once the teeth are aligned properly, they will stay that way for life
  • Properly aligned bite patterns reduce the risk of TMJ, uneven wear of teeth, and bruxism

If you have ever witnessed or experienced the horror that children with buck teeth or other problems go through, then you can well understand why orthodontics is so important. In fact, even if your teeth are only slightly misaligned, you may still be suffering from a wide range of problems. This includes gum erosion and other issues caused by being unable to floss or brush properly.

Some Problems that May Occur with Braces

It is very important to realize that orthodontics and their alignment processes occur over a period of time. When it comes to braces and removing overcrowded teeth in children, you truly need to find a reputable dentist. Since a child’s mouth changes a lot over the years, a dentist that does not take into account critical growth patterns can create all kinds of problems. These issues include:

  • Gaps caused by removing teeth that initially appeared overcrowded
  • Weak teeth caused by roots being pulled too quickly into alignment
  • Loss of alignment during teen years caused by incorrect initial positioning
  • Infections caused during initial placement of the braces

When it comes to the long term dental health of your children, few procedures are as important as orthodontics if you children’s teeth are not properly aligned. That said, if you choose a dentist that does not understand all the complex changes that occur during those years, your child may still wind up with a number of problems. That said, no matter whether you are talking about adults or children, anyone that has crooked teeth will always benefit from orthodontics services. At the very least, when you make use oforthodontics, you will be able to enjoy good dental health that comes with proper hygiene, as well as having an attractive smile that will give you a better social standing.