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Bone Loss Prevention

Health teeth are embedded in our jaws with abundant bone.  Why, then, do we lose bone?  Inadequate dental care, poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, fractures, accidents, infection, and gum and jaw bone disease are amongst the most common preventable reasons why bone is lost.Â

Bone loss is the primary reason for early tooth loss.  And the reverse is also true:  tooth loss leads to bone loss.  When a tooth is lost, bone in that area slowly disappears because the body no longer needs the bone to support that tooth.  Also, genetic factors, aging, osteoporosis, and many medical conditions can cause additional bone loss. Click here to see video demonstrations of bone loss after tooth loss (under a bridge), and in gum disease.

Most of the services dentists provide are aimed at preventing bone loss. We educate our patients to understand that professional dental cleanings in regular intervals, orthodontic straightening of misaligned teeth, the use of athletic mouthguards, the timely correction of decayed teeth all go to maintain and promote oral health and prevent dental disease.

After Tooth LossGum Disease

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